Pt. Sukhdev Prasad Mishra

Violin Maestro from Banaras, India


For many years, Sukhdev Mishra has been working on various projects in collaboration with musicians from all over the world, including:

Ronan Pellen & Ganga Procession (France)
Collaboration depuis 2009

Sukhdev has been playing in concert with Ronan Pellen, Prabhu Edouard, Satish Krishnamurti, Sylvain Barou and Jacques Pellen since 2009. The CD ‘Ganga Procession’ came out in 2017. You can hear some extracts below.

With Prabhu Edouard, Ronan Pellen, Sylvain Barou & Jacques Pellen

Fore more information about Ganga Procession (in French), click here.

Hanouman Jasper / Yélé (France/The Netherlands)
Collaboration since 2010

Mata Ganga Orchestra (India-France)

The Mata Ganga Orchestra was born in India in February 2012 from a musical and cultural exchange between 10 young musicians from the Cahors Music School (France) and 10 youngsters from the C.J.Maa Music School (Rishikesh). This exceptional orchestra included 5 Indian violins, 4 classical violins, 2 flutes, 2 guitars, one slide guitar and 4 singers. Members also include Shivananda Sharma (C.J. Maa Music School teacher) on tabla, Jérôme Chaumié (Partage et Culture Sarasvati) on western violin. Sukhdev was the composer, soloist as well as conductor of the orchestra.

The Mata Ganga Orchestra performed in India (Rishikesh and Varanasi) in February 2012 and in France (Lot region & Paris area) in Feb-March 2013.

Ixchel Mosqueda (Mexico)
Collaboration since 2009

Ixchel Mosqueda (music, programming, sequences, arrangements) with invited musicians including Sukhdev Mishra (violin, vocal and composition), Anshuman Maharaj (sarod), Atul Shankar (bansuri) and Revati Sakalkar (vocal).

Marc Liebeskind (Switzerland)
Collaboration since 2008

Sukhdev Mishra has been collaborating with Marc Liebeskind (sit-guitar) as well as Nabankur Bhattacharya (tabla) and Maytree Mahatma (Kathak dance) on since 2008.

Marc Liebeskind said: “The aim of this project is to combine the depth, the spiritual dimension and the rhythmic parameters and melody, which are intrinsically part of the ragas with tonal parameters, using my own background as composer and jazz improvisator. I also want to associate it to my world music experience, past and current, which means to associate also some of the African parameters. To be noted that the Indian music is enriched in folkloric music and I’ve dipped out of these resources to enrich my compositions.”

Click on the image below to listen to Marc Liebeskind’s full album:

Sangita Sounds (The UK)
Collaboration since 2004

Sangita Sounds is a collective of like-minded musicians and producers. Indigenous classical and folk musicians from around the world work and play together with new and established sound designers and future music producers. They harness the power of technology to create some of the finest ambient trance and psychedelic dub, future funk and mystic music which, together with the musical traditions of the homelands some of their indigenous artists, such as India, Iran, Egypt, Morocco and Australia reach back through millennia and simultaneously reach into the evolution of the future of sound.

Sukhdev Mishra was one of the first collaborators on Sangita Sounds’ project Ashirvad, released in 2010. The album features 8 tracks of ambient raga, Indian fusion, ethnodelic dubs and meditation trance that have been specially designed for a superior chillout experience. It is the fruit of their six-month recording tour and a year’s production work back in Sangita Studio HQ in London.

August 2012 - Boom Festival with Sangita Sounds